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CastleGuard Sales Policies

Over the course of almost 2 decades, CastleGuard has endeavored to produce the finest Corsi possible. Our profound investment of labor, love and finances has brought us to the pinnacle of Corso accomplishment.  Yet, we are ever in the pursuit for perfection.

Each litter is planned out and produced with one purpose, bringing forth the next generation of CastleGuard Excellence.  That is why we hold back puppies from every litter for our program. Remember this is our life long hobby.   We do not produce litters for the sole purpose of sales. However, because we don’t retain all puppies we make them available to a select clientele.  The people we choose to add to our CastleGuard family have to meet a strict criteria that proves they are the best home possible for any puppy we are willing to part with. Please review our “Do you have what it takes to own a Corso?” page.  If you find yourself not being able to answer “yes” that you meet all the requirements, we will not be able to work with you.  Our first priority is to protect the breed and do our best to ensure every puppy we produce goes into an optimal home.

Our puppies available for sale fall into two categories.

  1. Companion Puppies:
    These puppies are beautiful and healthy, just are not chosen by us to be a part of our program. 
    • They are good quality and are perfect for those that want a family companion. 
    • We stand behind every puppy with a written contract that covers genetic health and temperament issues.
    • Puppies sold as companions are required to be sterilized and cannot ever be bred.
    • Client has the option whether to crop or not with companion pups. Price remains the same either way.
    • The cost of our companion puppies is $2,500.  $400 deposit.

  2. Show Prospect Puppies: 
    On occasion we are willing to part with a show prospect.  We back our show puppies with a full “title” guarantee. Our puppies will be able to compete and title or we replace the puppy.
    • All show prospect are sold with a co-own contract; some are permanently co-owned  and others are fully signed over to buyer after the dog earns an AKC Championship and is health tested.  We retain breeding rights on all show prospects males we produce. 
    • Buyers of show prospects are contractually obligated to title the dog and we only choose serious show homes for these pups. 
    • We stand behind every puppy with a written contract that covers genetic health and temperament issues.
    • About breeding rights: We have worked long and hard to establish our quality program.  If you want to benefit from those years of breeding excellence, you must be willing to be mentored and earn the right to breed through titling the puppy and working with us.  Because of this strict protocol, the CastleGuard reputation of always producing top winners is preserved.
    • To maintain correct breed type, all show prospects are required to have their ears cropped unless client lives in a country in which it’s forbidden. 
    • Cost of a show prospect is $3,200. $500 deposit.

The Cost of our puppies includes:
Earcrop (if born at our kennel), Tails, dewclaws, first Vaccinations, worming, 26 month health and temperament guarantee, temperament testing and Tech support for life. All puppies are AKC registered.

Deposits are non refundable. Deposits are applied toward the total purchase price of the puppy. Deposits are only transferable to another litter if the sex, general color, or category of puppy requested is not available in current litter.  If a situation arises and the client isn’t able to take a puppy out of the litter they have a deposit on, they must inform CastleGuard by the time the pup is 4 weeks. Then Deposit will be transferred to an upcoming litter more suitable to the client’s timing.
As deposits are received, they are dated and placed in the file in chronological order.  This is the order in which requests are fulfilled when the time comes to choose a puppy.

We do not breed for color!  We focus on proper type, structure, health and temperament.  Color is strictly cosmetic. We do produce all the colors, but we will NOT guarantee anyone that a certain color will be available.  Choices for a companion puppy should be based strictly on whether that puppy will be a good fit for that home.

Buyer should know that we run a background check on every applicant.  We will also ask for two, non family, references.

As you can see, our Sales policy and Requirements for Buyers are quite strict.  But please understand that drawing these hard lines not only protects the breed, but potential buyers that may not qualified to own the Corso.

If you are in agreement with this policy, we would be interested in having you join our CastleGuard family.  Please contact us for more info, and about taking the next step.

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