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Few breeding programs in the world are as advanced, involved and dedicated as CastleGuard.

All of our Breeding stock is OFA/PennHip Certified.

We are proud of our Program. We Guarantee every puppy in writing.

Iblea with a new litterThe secluded Mountain valley that is CastleGuard’s home is nothing less than enchanting. Surrounded by 300 acres of tranquility, it is the perfect place to raise some of the finest Corsi in the World. There is truly something special about our dogs. They are home grown with lots of love, on crisp air, cool mountain water, premium and fresh foods, with lots of room to roam.

Our state-of-the-art indoor/outdoor facility was lovingly constructed by Merle to fit the Dog's every need. Each dog has warm comfortable sleeping quarters and free access to large outdoor runs. There are secluded whelping areas that are designed to give the Mamas and pups peace and bonding time in the first part of the puppies’ lives. As the puppies grow, they learn to work the dog doors that gives them access to the larger whelping pens attached to the kennel building. Here they have “play ground’ equipment to play and learn on. After their first set of shots, they get out into the grassy pens during the day. Our program is designed to expose the puppies to multiple experiences and locations giving them a varied base for good social development.

Bruce & Banchi LitterFrom day one of a CastleGuard puppy’s life, they get a HUGE amount of human contact. Our whole family is very involved in puppy rearing. Merle, Shauna and the children spend hours with the puppies, encouraging each to develop it’s little personality. Few breeding programs in the world are as advanced, involved and dedicated as CastleGuard.

All our dogs are beloved pets. Each enjoys daily interaction, training and playtime with the family. The adult dogs are all paired up and bonded with a family member who competes with them, either in conformation or working sports. In down times, the dogs take turns roaming the 4-acre exercise pen. It is all naturally landscaped with plenty of trees and rocks to snuff under and squirrels to chase.

We are deeply devoted to the Cane Corso and passionate about producing the finest dogs available. Each member of our family brings something special to our program. Our "hands on" technique of puppy rearing allows us to know each puppy’s personality, ensuring that our clients get the puppy best suited for their lifestyle.

We understand the intricacies of the issues facing the breed. We study pedigrees, health issues and the standard, striving to better the breed with each litter. All of our Breeding stock is OFA/PennHip Certified. We are proud of our Program. We Guarantee every puppy in writing.

We believe the Corso Should be a versatile, devoted family companion, able to face any situation with a stable, discerning temperament. They should have the boldness to defend and yet be calm and tolerant of those who are not a threat. Their bodies should be muscular, sleek and to standard; Having the athletic ability and health to perform in demanding physical situations. These are the ideals we require in our breeding stock.

Our Castle Guard Family

Merle & ShaunaCastleGuard Family
In the spring of 1995, I, Shauna went looking for a true family guardian and devoted companion for my Children. I purchased Ricca a few months later and the dye was cast. CastleGuard was born. Cane Corsi are like Lays potato chips; you can’t have just one!! It’s no wonder that this wonderful breed is such an important part of our lives. We couldn’t imagine life without a horde of Corsi!

Merle & Shauna work closely together regarding every aspect of the breeding program and the Kennel. They make their decisions for each mating based on years of experience and research of the lines in Italy and the US. They have both studied structure and movement and have the full grasp of the health issue that are encountered in the Corso.

Merle & Shauna with Paulo Pelleti - Italy '02CastleGuard Takes our involvement with the breed very seriously. We are pillars of the Cane Corso community and our reputation is paramount. We are very active in the Cane Corso National Breed Club; CCAA. We have been supportive members since 1997. Shauna was elected to the Board of Directors in 2000. Since that time, she has served as Public Relations, Breeder Representative and is currently the Director in charge of Breed Education in the US. She has been involved in several additional projects including the drafting of the Club’s constitution, working on the AKC committee and Spear heading the Breeders’ Guild. She is a certified American Rare Breed Judge and has begun her apprenticeship requirements to be an AKC judge. She also has 6 years of experience as a Veterinary Technician.

Merle trainingMerle is a master carpenter & craftsman. Not only did he construct our beautiful facility, he is a Corso trainer extraordinaire! All the puppies are smothered with attention from “Daddy” and those in the Started puppy program learn quickly because of Merle’s expertise. Our doors are always open to unfortunate Corsi that need rehabilitation and re-homing. Merle’s firm but laid back temperament enables him to redirect and stabilize even the toughest cases. It’s a labor of love. Merle also competes in the show ring and once in a while actually defeat the kids and their dogs to win points!

Merle & Shauna have devoted a lot of time researching the Breed in the country of Origin.They have traveled extensively, getting to know Italian breeders from many regions.They have Taylor & Bangle '06spent hours visiting and sharing dinner with the founders of the major clubs and interviewing Italian Corso historians and those involved with the Breed recovery. They have a very balanced view of the breed, which only comes from having interaction with a wide range of groups/ kennels and their various type preferences from both Italy and the US.

The CastleGuard Kids
CastleGuard is not only the home of some of the best Corsos is the World, but we are blessed with 7 of the finest kids as well. We are raising are second set of kids with the Cane Corso and soon it will be grandkids. All through the site you will see that the kids are really the ones who are the icing on the CastleGuard Cake. They spend hours everyday, snow or shine, working with their dogs. They are serious competitors in both Obedience and the conformation ring. But more importantly they truly love the dogs as much as anybody here and without the kids’ heavy influence, we would just be another kennel.

CastleGuard Kennel
View from the CastleGuard kennel building, and adult excercise area
CastleGuard Dog Run
Puppy Play Pen

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